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  • The Hynes of Ireland by JP Hynes, This book is a short history of the battles, murders, duels, conflicts, love stories, poems, castles, monasteries and miracles involving the ancient Hynes family and their kinsfolk, the other descendants of King Guaire, the O'Shaughnessys, O'Clearys, O'Cahans, O'Cahills and Killikellys. More info / buy online at or email

  • The O'Shaughnessys by JP Hynes. (a great Gort /Kinvara family)

    The name O'Shaughnessy is easily recognisable as a quintessentially Irish name whereas the surname of its lineal cousins, Hynes, the anglicised rendition of Ui hEidhne, looks more Saxon than Gaelic. The name O 'Cleary is also obviously Irish as indeed it is because that family shares the same ancestry as the Hynes and O'Shaughnessy and has the added distinction of being one of the earliest recorded hereditary names. This book, The O'Shaughnessys, is a companion book to The Hynes of Ireland so ideally it should be read shortly after the other because the two families share their earliest ancestors and history. Where most of the narrative of The Hynes of Ireland centres on the seaside town of Kinvara, on the edge of Galway Bay, Ireland, The O'Shaughnessys centres on the market town of Gort, a few miles inland. email

  • The Creative Writing Workshops, Fiction & Memoir Writing for Adults, Students and Young People by Irene Graham. See for more.

  • The Western Writers' Centre, ( Galway - Ionad Scribhneoiri Chaitlín Maud
    34, Nuns Island, Galway. 091.533594

  • A History of Aughinish
    By Rose Glynn. Rose can be contacted at +353 65 7078971, email or by post, Aughinish, New Quay, Co. Clare.

  • Nutan Photography

  • Vistek - Photography by Ger Ryan

  • Kinvara Writers' Group Anthology of Poetry
    Available in Kinvara shops. Click Here to visit Kinvara Writers Group Website

  • Roger Phillimore's new collection of poems
    Available in Kinvara shops

  • Kinvara-A Seaport Town on Galway Bay
    This wonderful book offers one both photographic and textual history on Kinvara. Available in local shops or from Tir Eolas Publications.

  • Map of Kinvara
    Great map with huge details, for finding your way around and exploring Kinvara and surrounding area. Produced by Tir Eolas Publications

  • Book of the Burren
    Produced by Tir Eolas Publications, this book offers one a fantastic insight to The Burren.

  • Map of the Burren
    Produced by Tir Eolas Publications, the map of the Burren is a natural companion to the Book of the Burren

  • Tracht - December 1999
    This local magazine covers stories, events features etc. concerning Kinvara and its people. Back issues are available from Kinvara Community Council.

  • Kinvara, District Services Directory 1998
    Punlished in October 1998, the directory details all names, addresses and phone numbers for individuals, businesses and services in Kinvara.

  • A Word in Your Ear
    A lovely book about Kinvara Folklore, written and compiled by Caoilte Breatnach. Caoilte can be contacted at

  • Come Here I Want You
    Also written by Caoilte Breatnach, this book details the life, times and stories of the late, Pat Keane

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